High-performance DTF printing systems: Epson SC-F2200 and XP600-Pro

With the DTF format printing systems Epson SureColor F2200 and TexJet® echo² as well as the efficient DTF roll printing system XP600-Pro, we offer you three innovative DTF printing solutions. These compact textile printing systems enable the fast production of complex designs and deliver high-quality results for your individual requirements. Our textile printing specialists are on hand to provide you with the best possible advice and find the customised DTF solution for your needs.

Discover the diversity of DTF printing and revolutionise your textile printing process with our advanced systems!

Step 1:

With this printing technology, any design is printed with 5 colours (CMYK+W) on the DTF film. Image files in the common formats can be used.

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Step 2:

Immediately after the design is printed, in a “roll-to-roll” system the film continues into a separate area where it is “dusted” with a powdered hot-melt adhesive. The hotmelt adhesive is then gelled on the design under the influence of heat. The adhesive thus forms a homogeneous layer that enables strong adhesion to a wide variety of textiles during subsequent processing.

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Step 3:

Finally, the film printed with print-ready designs is rolled up. It is now ready for further final processing.

Work with DTF transfers for: Business Advertising Sports Tourism and much more!

A DTF transfer is suitable for a wide range of applications. With the right hotmelt adhesive in the right adhesion spectrum, textiles of the most varied fabrics/knitted fabrics can be finished. This makes it easy to realise customer requests at short notice, as the printing process only takes a few minutes after data preparation. You can produce single designs for direct pressing as well as large quantities for later processing.

DTF = Direct To Film

What does DTF actually mean? Behind the three letters DTF is a term from English: “Direct-to-Film”. Some industry experts consider DTF printing to be a revolutionary step in textile finishing that will soon outstrip other printing technologies. You can find everything you need to know about DTF transfer in the following brochure:

Any questions?

Hi, my name is Benjamin. In our team for textile printing, I am one of your contact persons for the DTF transfer. If you have any questions about the Busy Bill 2.0, Slim Sarah or the Kolibri PLUS, I would be very happy to hear from you.

Benjamin Knosp

Benjamin Knosp
Sales Textile Printing
+49 7223 2815 130

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