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    Take off with great emotions! You want to know how to do it? Learn all about our emo frames here!

Great feelings – Unique diversity

Individual, brilliant and expressive – these are our emo frames. The name says it all: with these highly emotional, frameless displays, your customer gives his feelings and emotions a form. Use the unique Emo-Frames Acrylic system and our diverse Emo-Frames with integrated messages to really boost your business!

3D photo panels: bring more depth to your sublimation

Your advantages:

You wonder how this can work? It’s actually quite simple, because we had an ingenious idea that allows the still-hot acrylic to be formed into elegantly curved shapes directly after pressing. In the video you can see exactly how this works.

With personalizable gift items you give away not only a product, but emotion. And that’s exactly why end customers are looking for gifts that can be printed with individual messages. As the number of providers has grown rapidly, you have to hold your own in the market. The easiest way to do this is to stand out with a unique offer. With the 3D photo panels you have exactly this possibility.

To give the pressed acrylic sheet the desired contour, you simply place it in the appropriate mold. Apart from consumables, the tool is the only purchase to be made. We offer six different tools in various shapes and sizes. These are already available for small money.

Take off now with great emotions!

As a sales aid you can use the sample set Art-Nr. Order EFA-SAMPLE-D. Included are three pre-printed 3D photo panels for your showroom or retail space. Using these samples, your customers can experience the magic of 3D photo panels for themselves. With the 25 included end customer flyers we also support you in consulting and sales.

You will also receive free promotional material to download:

  • End customer flyer to send by mail
  • Product images
  • Webshop banner
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email signature
  • End customer video
  • Advertising text
  • Recommended Retail Price MSRP Emo Frames

Sublistar® Emo Frames: emotional messages included!

This is how you convince your customers:

With our emo frames, beautiful moments can be captured not only in image form: The seamlessly integrated messages and letters add even more expression to your customer’s images, making feelings more tangible!

Whether for family members, friends, the partner, as decoration or for an animal friend: With the precisely lasered MDF shapes you offer your customers the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Best of all, thanks to the versatile shapes and designs, the emo frames cut a fine figure in any home – all year round.

In addition to the lasered message, the high-gloss Sublistar® coating adds the finishing touch to your customer’s images, perfectly showcasing unique moments!

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