Increased efficiency in the DTF area thanks to roll-to-sheet

Following the launch of the XP600-PRO system bundle (600 mm media width) including matching fusing unit in 450 mm and 600 mm pass-through widths at the end of 2023, Print Equipment is now introducing the DTF cutter. This cutting unit makes it possible to take DTF production to the next level.

By combining the DTF cutter with a DTF printing system and a corresponding fusing unit, the advantages of DTF roll-fed printing systems and format printing systems are combined in the roll-to-sheet process.

Web-fed printing systems are characterized by their high printing speed, low consumable costs (ink and film) and automated finishing (application of hot-melt adhesive / fixing or gelling), which ensures consistent quality in the DTF production process.

Format printing systems process finished transfer sheets with straight (cut) edges, enabling direct further processing of DTF films.

The advantages of both processes are now combined in the roll-to-sheet process: the result is inline production with optimized production processes.

Printing, processing, cutting – all in one: this is how roll-to-sheet can be briefly described. Until now, transfer films from the roll printing system had to be cut manually onto format goods or panels. The automatic cutting unit now ensures that finished transfer sheets are produced that can be processed directly or cut to size in a simplified manner. In the area of DTF services, this means that finished cut sheets can be dispatched that were previously produced cost-effectively using web printing.

Advantages of the DTF cutter at a glance

  • Vacuum conveyor belt
  • Optical fiducial recognition
  • Height-adjustable machine feet: compatible with common DTF systems on the market (provided the fusing unit is operated using a belt/conveyor belt)
  • From roll to the finished sheet: with film widths of 450 mm, sheets measuring 450 x 330 mm can be easily cut – allowing further processing without having to remove the print control strip beforehand.
  • Smaller designs can be removed from the delivery at any time and, unlike the roll-to-roll process, can be processed immediately
  • Made in Europe

(Please note: The DTF cutter in the illustration is still a prototype – the later series model will be color-matched to our printing and fusing systems).