• Solar Shirts

    Best sun protection and comfort thanks to multifunctional clothing: ideal for work or outdoor sports.
    For sublimation, DTF and foil transfer finishing.

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  • UPF50+

    The fabric features SOLAR BLOC sunscreen technology to keep harmful UV rays away from the skin. The UPF50+ thus blocks 98% of harmful UV-A and B rays.

  • M-Shield

    Similar to a deodorant, the formation of odors from sweat is slowed down due to the “M-Shield” integrated into the textile. The fabric is already treated with a zinc-based mixture during production, the effect of which does not weaken even after repeated washing.

  • Pure Tech

    Due to this special weave, the fibers help the body regulate heat. Underwear after underwear, PURE-TECH™ stands up to the toughest athletic conditions.

Grant money for solar shirts

The Skin Cancer Foundation, based in New York, has given its “Seal of Recommendation” to the textiles in the Solar Shirts collection. The institute thus confirms that these shirts meet the foundation’s specific criteria for effective UV sun protection. The Solar Shirts offer effective UV protection and their purchase is therefore supported by BG BAU, with up to 50% cost reimbursement (max. 30 euros per shirt).

We show where and how your customers can apply for the grant in a special video that you can share with your customers.

Icon Skin Cancer Foundation

The Solar Shirts offer optimal fabric properties for finishing with sublimation printing. Finishing with DTF transfer printing or foil transfer is also possible, giving excellent results especially with the darker colors.

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